Buddy Holly Vase-Forrest Green Floral

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  • These little bud vases are the perfect splash of happiness you need to adorn your table vignette. They might be small but these slip cast stoneware vases pack a punch and are sure to be the piece in your home that makes you smile. Fill them with roses cut from your garden, wattle from a tree on the verge or rosemary sprigs stolen from a neighbours hedge. However you decide to fill your little Buddy vases you are guaranteed to be filled with joy yourself.

    To pair your Cherry Cherry Bim ceramics with our range of tablecloths and napkins please follow the links here and here

    Size: ~100mm high

  •  Each of our ceramic pieces are individually decorated by the hand of the artist. If treated with love and care they will last a lifetime, and we hope will be with you long enough to hand on to the next generation.

    Hand wash in warm water
    We recommend you hand wash our ceramics in warm water to ensure the longevity of the glaze. Ceramics like ours, exposed to extreme temperatures may weaken over time and surface cracks in the glaze could occur so to avoid this we suggest you do not wash our ceramics in the dishwasher or use in the oven or microwave.

    All our ceramics are fired to 1100 degrees celsius and glazed with high quality glazes.

    We encourage you to use them often, not just on special occasions and hope they bring you joy whenever you see them. At Cherry Cherry Bim we believe that every occasion is a special occasion.

  • We keep a few of our ceramic pieces in stock at all times and are always in the process of making more. Should we be out of stock at the time of your purchase we are happy to accept a pre-order and will be able to fill it, ready for dispatch within 8 weeks.

    The Hello Platter are available for collection from our Subiaco studio and a range of our pieces can also be found at our local stockists. Please find a list of our stockists here.

    If you are outside the Perth metropolitan area and would like us to arrange shipping please contact us by email at order@cherrycherrybim.com.au and we will send you a quote.